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The key to our client’s success is our proven creative process. Our ability to develop and integrate strategic thinking into every design deliverable separates us from the pack. Through our initial planning process, we research and assess your company’s products, services, and competition to correctly position your business with a thoughtful brand strategy.

Whether the task at hand is branding a startup, rebranding a company due to a change in business conditions, developing a new advertising campaign or creating a new website, we employ a thoughtful process that’s proven and comprehensive.

Phase 1: Research

In order to develop and clearly define the current state of your brand and your industry, we conduct a thorough assessment. In this phase, the Saint Pierre team will review, compile and inventory all the key brand equities and assess your company’s products, services, and competition. 

Phase 2: Brand Positioning & Strategic Planning

Brand strategy is the core of any successful company, and therefore the core of your business success. A critical step in our creative process and the driving force behind our design capabilities is the development of a focused brand strategy that properly positions your brand and serves a blueprint for all future design deliverables.

Working with designated members of your team, we leverage our strategic process and experienced design thinking abilities to define your brand into tangible assets. The goal is to get to the heart of who you are, what you believe, what makes you unique and why potential customers should care. Creating a focused platform that positions your brand to stand out from the competition, connect with your target persona and ultimately drive the business forward. By ensuring that all of your marketing activities are clear, consistent and goal oriented, our strategic branding process builds brand equity and puts your company on the path to solid growth potential.

Phase 3: Design & Production

Fueled by our assessment, research and strategic planning in Phases One and Two, our thorough design process explores, refines and implements conceptually driven creative. Working closely with your team, we combine strong visuals, powerful storytelling, and best-in-class production to create engaging and memorable brand experiences that motivate your target consumers to take action and positions your business for growth.